Thoughts on Text in Cyber Space

I was thinking about the multi facets of the web this week and how they all come together. I felt compelled to write something about an old topic the hypertext and it’s positive attribute to help engage our readers/audience further.

There is a disparity of conceptual thought in the way one examines the printed page and the constant evolving web page. The printed page sits with an established comprehension in the various areas, title, genre, author and reads in a linear fashion, whilst the online page and our evolutionary capacity resides with, e-mail, web, facebook, twitter, blogs, and other interactive multimedia. When read, it does not necessarily have a beginning, middle or end. In other words the web allows the linear text to be transformed and transgressed into the non linear.

Imperatively the web is still tied to the traditional form of print and presents us with a new way of thinking about how we structure and construct our writing for cyberspace and the online audience.

For example hypertext is a multi-layered platform that is akin to a page within a page, within another page and so on. Its capacity and ability is infinite in that you can have morsels of information that are linked within one another in a continuing sequence. By adding these multi-layers we add interest to the text and for the reader. We also make it easier for the reader to engage further within the topic by strategically adding hypertext links.

I am absolutely certain that many writers are aware of how the hypertext works and what it is but that’s not why I’m mentioning it here. I’m mentioning it because it has the potential to be a powerful tool for writers when engaging with thier online reader/audience.

Ultimately and beneficially, hypertext links can be a positive experience in linking our social media, twitter, facebook, web and e-mail in order to allow for our readers/audience to connect and interact with us.

Thoughts and comments are welcomed.


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