The Avengers – A Review

Truthfully, when we go to the movies we go to be entertained.  I’m not surprised that The Avengers is raking it in exceedingly in the US.  In just three weeks it’s reached 457.1 million in the US alone and 723.3 million internationally, brining it to a 1.8 billion dollar box office hit worldwide.


What makes a movie like this a hit? Pace, timing, dramatic action, anticipation, apprehension it all flowed brilliantly. It was one of those films were the kids popcorn and coke didn’t end up on the floor and that makes it very much a hit on my scale.

From the opening shots we know that something big is going to happen so the audience is hooked immediately. That lovely blue cube that appears in Thor and Captain America is now in the hands of a secret specialist group S.H.I.E.L.D run by none other than Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson).

Naturally, Nick Fury’s team of scientists are trying to solve and harness the power of the cube and in doing so release Loki who steals the cube for his own vengeful agenda. From this moment forward there are no static situations. The film goes straight into dramatic action scenes where momentum builds to bring the story toward crisis and confrontation.

Nick Fury has the task of effectively collecting his team of superheroes to help find the cube and thwart Loki’s plans. In the natural progression of story telling our heroes capture Loki, who has his own horde to break him out. Form here on in the pace and momentum build to the climax – the ultimate showdown between alien and superhero power.

All in all it is an action packed powerhouse so if you want drama and sex scenes then this isn’t the film for you. This is all about being entertained. There is of course plenty of candy to fill your eye.

Verdict: Enjoyable for the whole family.


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