Fifty Shades of Hysteria

Clearly, when something explodes in mega proportions like the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series, people’s attention is suddenly demanded. There are two critical things that happen here. One, the audience will buy the book in question and either enjoy it or loath it. Two the critics will have a field day with it.

Did I read them? Yes. Were they well written? Undoubtedly not her best work yet. Having said that here is the crux, if we were to use some of the classic theorist’s tools for example Jacques Derrida‘s Deconstruction. Then we can tear away at all the bad grammar etc, etc and get to the absolute core. Clarity manifests at what the author is trying to put across with her story.  Plain and simple romance = boy meets girl + boy falls in love with girl + boy pursues girl+ boy feels he’s not good enough + boy has been abused + boy has dark sexual hungers + girl has doubts if she can redeem him + boy wants girl no matter what + relationship has challenges + problems solved + boy and girl get married. So here we have the deconstruction of the classic HEA (Happy Ever After) which evidently is what romance is all about, about reaching the HEA.

In my opinion if E. L. James’ story followed a different route it would have read rather magnificently especially if it had, had the nurturing of an effective editor.  However it did not and yet there is something special about it, that is if a reader can see past the errors then they can see the story and maybe even enjoy it.

To E. L. James’ defence she was compelled to write her story because she was inspired by Stephanie Myer’s Twilight.  Never having penned a book before she makes no admission to being a writer before hand.  I admire her honesty. I found no similarities of Twilight in any of her books so I don’t know what all the fuss is about here. The love triangle idea?  Nearly every romance novel on the shelf has some splatter of a love triangle. It what moves the story forward.

 Are there better erotic fiction authors out there? Absolutely. But I wouldn’t compare “Fifty Shades of Grey” to those authors because you can not sanely compare authors that have established themselves within their genre against those who have not.

My philosophy in life is to never say never because eventually curiosity gets the better of me and I want to see what all the fuss is about, I then do the inevitable, I read the said book.  I’ve actually been surprised more than once by what I find when I tear away all the bad components.

I believe when one comes to a book which has enjoyed much publicity then one should have a clear mind and not be caught up in the hyperbole because audience taste differs. Admittedly, I think this book is something that everyone has to experience for themselves.

E. L. James –  Fifty Shades of $$$. Hope to see the author hone her craft. After all every writer has potential.


3 comments on “Fifty Shades of Hysteria

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  2. Just finished reading Fifty Shades of Gray. After all the negativity it had received, I had expected that I wouldn’t like it. But I did, despite it’ flaws. I came to the conclusion that you did; the problem wasn’t so much the writing, but the lack of editing. Had it been cut, tightened, and redundancies edited out, it would have been stellar.

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