I recently had the pleasure of watching the enjoyable romantic comedy, “This Means War” with Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reece Witherspoon.

I admit to drooling and ogling at both Chris and Tom. It was rather hard not to, I mean look at them. My imagination began running wild around their lips and as to what kind of lips on a man would be the most kissable. Let’s face it, a hero with lips that were meant to be kissed is way up there on the Ritter scale for a writer of romance. Oh and we desperately want to write about lips that can cause an earthquake.

Tom Hardy

Writers draw inspiration for their hero extensively from images and males around them. The color of eyes, hair, body, height, voice etc, all shape the characters authors write about and create. However it is the lips on a hero that are explicitly pure sin.

Let’s see what puckering up does.

When you participate in the act of kissing, you’re not just swapping spit, as we say here in Australia. Evidently, there’s a multitude of things happening all at once. Firstly, the heart rate increases, causing blood vessels to dilate opening up the body to more oxygen.

Did you also know that the nerves in our faces carry impulses to our brain and cause our body to produce quite a few hormones, all which assist in reaching a state of euphoria? Those hormones are;

Chris Pine

  • Oxytocin – also know as the ‘love hormone,’ it releases feelings of attachment and affection between people.
  • Dopamine – which assists the activity of pleasure.
  • Serotonin – which determines the mood of the person.
  • Adrenaline – which really packs the punch by increasing the heart rate.

So next time you pucker up take the time to feel all the different reactions and emotions your body is having through your lips.

Now back to those kissable and irresistible lips of my character. Pouty full lips on a man are definitely a must…I’m sure my current heroine agrees.

What do you all think, which hero staring in a movie or book has the most kissable lips you’ve ever seen or read about?



  1. It’s difficult without road testing, Efthalia! But I’m going with Daniel Craig or Hugh Jackman for the movies, and as I’ve just finished reading Nora Roberts’s The Witness, I’m going with her hero, Brooks Gleason–gorgeous, hunky, local police chief and all round good guy who kisses up a storm. It might be that I closed the book and opened the laptop to your blog post that I’m putting that one forward, but there it is.

  2. Hi Susanne,
    Very true, without road testing it’s a little difficult. I think road testing is a marvellous idea. Maybe we could have a special crew? 🙂
    Yes I have to agree Daniel is very kissable. I’m also in agreement to any or Nora’s hero’s, she writes them so well.

  3. Happy to test Hugh Jackman’s lips at any time 🙂 but I have to go for George Clooney here – all round lip-smacking *sigh*.
    Val Kilmer’s lips don’t shape up too badly in Batman.
    As kisses go, my vote goes to Spiderman, not that Toby MacGuire is particularly sexy 😦
    Nora Roberts…I dream of being able to write my characters as well as she does.

    • Hi Juanita,
      Oh Val in batman! How could I have forgotten him. Not big on Toby but that upside down kiss in spiderman, not that was something.
      At the moment I can’t see past the coffee to kiss George. lol

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