I don’t specifically partake in any special ground breaking or secret strategies when developing my characters. Most of time they basically surprise me and create themselves by popping into my mind uninvited, it’s difficult to explain the workings of a writer’s mind but to a writer this is a natural skill or flaw that compels us to write.

Some of the characters that weave themselves onto the page are from our past experiences or the everyday inspiration that surrounds us whilst others grace us with their presence in a most magical way. To a writer this is the blissful moment of the creative process, the heat of the moment propelling our fingers to type faster as we weave our fiction onto the page.

I will mention however, that once I have unleashed my imaginative friends, I find it handy to go back and do a character bio on each and every character. YES, I include every minuscule and uninteresting detail right down to their star sign.

I think of my characters as people with an identity and an address, this gives them a defined reality, they have to be believable not only to me but to my readers too.

If a character is too predictable they can seem too tedious thus gaining a typical stereotype and become one-dimensional and boring. Creating a character that has many traits and complexities will ensure comprehensive development therefore making the character three-dimensional and believable.

The most valuable result in characterisation is having a well-rounded character that the reader can identify with. This can only be achieved through the author knowing their character inside out and outside in. It’s critical to not only know the interesting stuff about our characters but also the uninteresting bits.


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