Promotional Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Writers in a Digital Landscape – Annie Seaton

I gave this book 5 stars because of its clear and concise simplicity of facts.

Helpful, logical advise from Ms. Seaton’s own lived journey. “Promotional Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Writers in a Digital Landscape” is a quick guide to what you need to know about getting started on the social media platform.

It saddens me to no end when you come across a published author and they haven’t developed their brand on the social networks.

As Ms. Seaton says, right at the beginning of her book, “Readers are interested in the lives of writer and with the advent of social media where they can follow your daily life, or more specifically the daily life of you ‘the author’.” True words, words that I encourage each and every aspiring as well published author to heed. Annie Seaton

I can’t emphasis enough the points that Ms Seaton has made in her ‘tips and ticks’ book. I beg that you seriously consider all avenues of social media as your marketing tool and don’t be afraid to test them, get to know them before you decide on what works best for you.

Trust in Ms Seaton’s journey and trust that you will benefit greatly if you take this road.

The only thing I will add to my post today is something I vividly recall Bob Mayer making an emphasis on at the 2011 Romance Writers of Australia Conference. Basically he talked about branding and about putting your face on your business card, on your avatar on everything. Not some silly picture. Your audience wants to connect with you. You are the author not some little flower or cartoon.

Truthfully it’s about branding and how you market yourself.


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