RWA Atlanta, Georgia 2013 – I’m Psyched!

Every year Romance Writers of America hosts an annual conference and like wise for Romance Writers of Australia. This year I’ve taken the plunge and booked myself in for the 33rd  annual American conference which will be held at The Atlanta Marriott® Marquis, Atlanta Georgia between July 17 – 20,  2013.

Apart from being extremely excited about meeting American friends and fellow writers/authors, there’s also a multitude of reasons on why I’m looking forward to this conference.

It’s always been a dream of mine to travel to the states but every time I was ready real life just kept knocking me back.  Well I’m finally going and I’m beyond ecstatic because I plan to indulge a little.

My first stop is New York, to visit family there but there a few sights I’d like to visit whilst there.

1. Lady Liberty, is a must. Apart from being featured in a gazillion movies.  The Statue of Liberty was gift of international friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States in 1886.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2. Central Park – 843 acres of brilliance, vibrant flowers and history. There are a few options of how to get around, one is by bike and two by doing a 2 hour $47 tour.

3. A stroll through west village which has tree-lined cobblestone streets which have remained unchanged since the 19th century. I’m told I’ll need a map as it’s quite puzzling wondering through the streets.

Empire-State-Building-in-New-York4. The Empire State Building opened it’s doors to the public in 1931.  The 86th and 102nd floors area must and I’m told the views are spectacular.  Especially on a clear day where it’s possible to see, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Let’s not forget that this building has been featured in a multitude of  films. It’s popularity never ceases to amaze me.

I think after galavanting around town I might need something to eat and drink and I think I know just the place for dinner….Loi Restaurant.  Not only is (cousin) Maria Loi Greece’s most popular and celebrated chef, she’s brought all that Greek culinary goodness to New York.

If Nigella Lawson is the domestic goddess of the UK then Maria Loi is the Greek goddess of food.

Maria Loi 3

Visit her website and you’ll see that I’m going to enjoy that particular dinning experience.

Sadly after a few days I’ll be saying bye to family and the big apple and heading to my second destination – Atlanta, Georgia.

Things I’m looking forward to in Atlanta.

1.  Margaret Mitchell‘s house and museum – the opportunity to see where Margaret Mitchell penned Gone with the Wind is beyond anything I could dream. Just being there will bring the character of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler (swoon) to life.

Margaret Mitchell house 2

2. CNN- Tours.  A behind the scenes tour of the CNN program.  An opportunity to see some of the CNN journalists live in action.

3.  Definitely something to eat that’s southern. South City Kitchen looks like it would cater to my curious tastebuds.

4. Cake – of course I want more cake and I want to sample cake in Atlanta. The
Red Velvet is on my list since it’s supposed to be a southern dessert.  The history of the cake is obscure to us Aussies but I found this link and it gave me the evolution of the Red Velvet cake

From what I can gleam online it looks like I’ll be heading to Alpine Bakery and Trattoria in Alpharetta, GA.redvelvetcakeslice

Then once I’ve eaten enough Red Velvet cake to last me a few years, I’ll be off to RWA’s conference for 4 days of meeting authors, editors, agents and workshops. Maybe if I’m lucky I might get to squeeze another slice of cake in.  🙂


6 comments on “RWA Atlanta, Georgia 2013 – I’m Psyched!

  1. Oh, my! Sounds so good! I was there for last year’s at Anaheim. It was lovely meeting all the authors. Very warm and welcoming environment!

    And the red velvet? I tried a piece at the State Library of Queensland cafeteria during the recent ARRC13. And have been looking for it in my country ever since!

  2. Hi Nas,
    Red Velvet….mmmm…can’t wait. I’ve noticed it’s finally taking off here in Australia. I’ve had the pleasure of sampling a red velvet cup cake. It didn’t fall short…let’s just say my taste buds could have easily gone for a second.

    I’m really looking forward to RWA in Atlanta.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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