On Friday the 23rd of August 2013, I was invited by Mrs Poulos, the Librarian at All Saints Grammar, Belmore, Sydney to speak to Grade 6 for book week.

I threw together what I thought were the most important things to share about writing; world building, voice and POV.  I also grazed lightly over characters and character emotion.

The students were amazing as an audience and participated and listened eagerly.  The extra bonus for me was that they impressed me with their questions and  a few that I hadn’t anticipated.  ASG - picture

–       What POV do you write in?

–       Who inspired you to write?

–       Who was you favourite childhood author?

There were many more and  I’m sure you all understand what the vibe of a Grade 6 class can be like – exciting!

All in all it was wonderful to talk to the students and share a little author knowledge of what happens in an author’s writing life and some tips and tricks for better writing.

Well worth it. If I managed to successfully inspire a few children then my job was more than done.

Thanks for having me All Saints Grammar.  Hope to do some workshops with you all in the future.



  1. Thank you so much for visiting our Year 6’s! They loved listening to you and were certainly inspired to give writing in the ‘action’ zone a go! We wish you every success in your writing career.

    • Thank you for the good wishes. It was a pleasure to be there and I can assure you that I was buzzing from all their energy. It was a feel good day all round.

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