Five Things to Remember at a Romance Writers Conference.

Imagine that you are an expensive bottle of Christian Dior or Channel. Be bold, be that brand. Don’t settle for less.Author perfume

Things for smooth sailing;

1. Comfortable shoes – There’s a lot of walking and standing involved. Wear comfortable shoes, your feet will thank you later. Trust me. And comfortable doesn’t mean wearing your joggers or flip-flops.

2. Comfortable clothes – Dress is primarily smart casual or corporate. Make sure you feel comfortable there’s nothing worse that walking around all day in something that feels too tight. Bring an extra jacket or cardigan. Sitting for hours in air-conditioning can leave you feeling chilled.

3. Time out – Go for a walk if you feel you’ve been bamboozled by the hype of activity. The buzz of hundreds of women can be overwhelming on it’s own, let alone the full days of workshops. If you need a break or some ‘you time’, don’t hesitate – take it.

4. Drinking – (1) If you do drink alcohol…know your limit. Be responsible.  (2) Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day, drink plenty of water.

5. Business Cards – Keep some in your bag. It’s an easier way of exchanging info with new friends. Have one on the ready for when you are pitching to an editor or agent, they may ask for one.

I will add one more thing here – Enjoy it!! Conference is such an inspiring place to be and everyone is supportive and friendly. Make the most of it and above all smile and be happy.

P.s. Be warned…the Aussie gals like hugs.



11 comments on “Five Things to Remember at a Romance Writers Conference.

  1. Thanks, Efthalia. Sorry about my url coming up where my name should have been. It filled them in automatically and I didn’t look at it properly before posting. I am looking forward to the conference, and these handy tips will make it all the more better.

    • No problem Georgia, it happens.
      The conferences are very well organised. Everyone and I mean everyone is approachable so if you need to ask something don’t be shy. Just be you. Remember you are with like minded people and if you go off in a trance they know it’s a story spinning in your head. Totally rocks and you’ll be on a high for days after it’s all finished.

      Big smiles.

  2. Totally agree with all your tips, especially taking time out when you need it. My little introverted soul needs it regularly! Can’t wait to catch up with you at conference, Effie!

    • Kerrie, sometimes we just need a breather. I like having a quiet moments through the mayhem. A walk in the sunshine always helps. Looking forward to seeing you at the cocktail party. I won’t be at the core conference this year.

  3. Oh don’t forget your phone charger! I know I take a ton of pics and upload them direct to facebook. It’s another great way to make friends, connect and inspire other writers to attend the following year!!

  4. All great tips. I remember my first conference so exciting, so much to learn and take in and seeing my favourite authors happy to chat and give support was just great.

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