Migration of Blog to New Author Website

Hi All,

Just wanted to bring you up to speed and let you all know that I have a new website and blog! Yippee!! I know I’ve been absent from this site, but so much has been going on in the background and I’m looking forward to sharing my long journey with you all as well as release date news on Phantasma. The first book in the Phi Athanatoi Series.

Please come on over and check it out. You can also sign up for my newsletter http://www.efthaliaauthor.com which will have update news on my writing projects.

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I will also be running a Mega competition closer to release day.

Hope to see you all there.

Big smiles,


What Makes a “Real” Writer?

Insight into what all writers face for their chosen field. We should not have to feel the need to ever apologise for the career we have chosen. Yay Kristen Lamb for nailing it so well!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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I’m finally home from speaking in Pennsylvania. Was honored to keynote for The Write Stuff Conference and super sad to leave. I get so attached to the writers and miss them when I have to go. Their passion, imagination and enthusiasm never fails to inspire me. I’d keep them and collect them in my basement except apparently this is called “taking hostages” and is “illegal” *rolls eyes*

…that, and I don’t have a basement.

I never prepare a speech. I’ve tried. But I am too ADD and end up ignoring/forgetting everything I prepared, so why not save time? Also, I present quite often and never want attendees to feel like they will hear the same things from me. Every class, every presentation is new. I love listening to those around me so my content fits better because it’s custom made.

This said, when I arrived in Pennsylvania, I had no…

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